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Inventory light

Inventory light is a content management system (CMS). With Inventory light it is possible to change the content of a site online, without technical knowledge. It is a very easy to use system, that allows the user to change texts, images, video and even to change the structure of a site, like menus, which are automatically generated in the layout defined by the site. It is also possible to have more complex content, such as a product which has a price, discount and weight, or an item of a agenda, which has a date en time.

The CMS offers access to a list of all your clientes, that may register on your site. It is possible to send a personalized message by email to all your clients (or a selection) all at once.

For each change to any content, a revision is saved, so that you can later see what changes were made. You can see older revisions and even compare between two, to easily see the diferences. You will never lose any content.

There is a log that registers all events, such as when users login, logout, or change content. This way you have easy control and overview of what is going on.


After logging in with you username and password, the system shows the structure of your site in a treeview. Any site can have a diferent structure. Like explorer, you can open items and select an item to view or edit.

On the side, you can see a selected item in the tree, which is displayed as a form. The form allows you to make changes immediately, and also to see information about the item, change rights, and see the older revisions of the selected item. You can restore an older version.

There are other forms available, which have other fields, suchs as a form named "foto", which allows you to upload a local file, which will be the foto. Using a form with a single foto is used for example for lists of fotos on a website. Each form has a identification, which is the name you will see in tree tree, and a label, which is different for any language. You can select the language on the top. The description is the actual content, which is editable with the TinyMce editor. If you select another language, the label and content will change to that language. It is very easy to edit multiple languages this way.

You can drag and drop an item from one place to another, which will also reflect on your website.




In inventory light there is a section to manage your contacts. A contact is any person that can be a visitor to your site, a buyer, e supplier of a service. On your website, you can have a registration form which enables the user to register his own details. When confirming, a mail is sent and the contact is also added to the contacts list. After confirming, the contact could login to your site, if applicable, or you could require that only after confirmation by an administrator the contact can login.

After logging in, the visitor could have access to more items on your site, like a restricted area. This way, content that you don't want to share with the public is kept save.


Special content

Agenda: On your site you could exibit for example an agenda, which shows events. Para gerenciar esse conteúdo, na arvore do site tem um item agenda. These items can be sorted and displayed as a calendar on your site. The layout is automatically applied.

Foto album: A foto album is a collection of fotos. On your site, they will be acessed in a user friendly way, such as showing thumbnails first, on pages, and by clicking offering a zoom. The only thing you need to do is upload the foto, the rest is taken care of !


"I already have a website, with fixed content"
In this case, you only need Inventory Light, and your website needs to be adjusted to retrieve the content from Inventory Light,that makes your content editable.  For a simple site, the cost is about USD 200. There are no maintenance costs. After that, you have the freedom to change the content of your site when you want.

"I don't have a website yet"
In this case, we can help you creating your site, and make it editable as well. We work with multiple designers. The cost of a simple site including Inventory Light is about USD 400.

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